Looking at the way how a new idea is taken in the US versus in Germany made us think about how to present our idea. In our experience US investors first ask “Does it solve any problem?“ In Germany the first question is for the business model.  

So, even as we are germans, we chose the american way to present our company. By talking about the problems we solved for our various partners.

Which problem is solved for the user?

The core idea of Spoods is to offer the right video at the right time to the right audience. A couple of years ago I was looking to buy a new car . So I went to forums and internet-platforms for cars and read all about the Audi A 4 and similar models in this class. Wouldn’t it be great if there...  Find out more.

Which problem is solved for brands?

A brand’s communication needs to reach the right people in order to sell their product. Very expensive TV ads or product videos are produced, but currently brands find it difficult to find the right audience in the digital world. They are running after them, try to follow him while the user is surfing within seconds from here to there.  Find out more.

Which problem is solved for publishers?

Publishers who produce articles and complex high-quality journalistic content are faced with the challenge that the revenue from advertising played out around their online articles does not cover the cost of the online platform. Much less so to make a fair profit.  Find out more.

Which problem is solved for marketers?

The marketers daily faces the challenge to sell their broad media reach to refinance of the online platform. And the competition is strong. There are many premium marketers and the prices are in decline for a long time now because there is lots of inventory on the market.  Find out more.

Which problem is solved for media agencies?

Media agencies must make the best use of their client’s money. The targeted communication goals must be met and the best price-performance ratio must be found for building the contact to many users to turn them into potential customers. Find out more.

Which problem is solved for video producers and video editors?

 Reviews, fair reports and product reviews etc. can be very elaborate and they are highly interesting for the user. Because they are comprehensive, objective and above all independent they make great promotional videos for products, brands, events, a travel destination or a whole country.  Find out more.

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