About Spoods

Spoods was founded in September 2009 and is based in Berlin, Germany.

What is the idea behind Spoods?

We believe there is a right video, at the right time, at the right place for the right people! We believe there is the strong online-user‘s desire for native advertising – non-obstrusive, relevant, informative, entertaining.

We created Spoods as a Video Distribution Network (VDN) focused on brand-related content

  • to meet the user‘s desire for native advertising - non obstrusive, content relevant, informative, entertaining.
  • To meet the need of brand owners, manufactures and media agencies to distribute video content
  • To enable publishers to meet users wishes for relevant video content


26 fully committed brains are providing users, brand owners and manufactorers, media agencies and publishers with perfect service.


In 2010 we started the distribution of TVCs and enabled publishers to manually integrate TVCs in matching articles. Since then we continously added more brand owned content, like product spots, Making-ofs and director‘s cuts, demos and explanational videos.

In 2011 we developed our technology further to be used on all mobile devices.

In 2012 we added the technology-based, full-automatic integration of our Spoods-Widget within relevant articles offering publishers the choice between manual or automated integration of suitable videos in their articles.

In April 2013 we started offering editorial content like test-reviews and fair-reports to meet the web user‘s desire for independent, journalistic videos. And to support brand‘s and manufacturer‘s strategies of integrated communication and their ambition to offer both marketing- and PR-content concurrently to win users for their CRM efforts.

Spoods now provides access to more than 40 Mio Unique Users in Germany.

What´s next?

In the 3.rd and 4th quarter of 2013 Spoods is working to expand the video base from the automotive industry to other industries like consumer electronic, travel, telecommunication, financial services, fashion, sportsware & equipement, cosmetics, food & beverages, education, books, music and many more.

After developing, proving and establishing the Spoods concept in Germany we will internationalize our business in 2014.

If you are

  • working for a brand manufacturer responsible for markting communication or PR and want to distribute your video content to win traffic & leads and boost your CRM activities
  • working for a media agency or PR agency and want to support your clients needs to distribute their expensively created video content and boost the CRM activities with highly interested users
  • a video producer with test reports or fair reports about brands, products or travel destinations
  • a publisher looking for relevant videos to service your user and activate a new source of income
  • working for a publishing house and want to integrate your „in-house produced“ video content into the right article and/or remonetize your costs through syndication

and if you like our idea and believes please feel free to get in touch with Thomas Lohr, CEO thomas.lohr@spoods.de to learn even more about Spoods and our business opportunities for you.